Professional place managers generate local and regional growth

In the first book about the importance of European place managers, Christer Asplund offers real advice from 35 years' international involvement in the development of thriving places and regions. The book is published at a crucial time for Europe, when the attention of local and regional leaders is focused on the economic development of distinct places.

Place Management – to lead and guide economic development

The book Place Management deals with professional management and direction for regional and local growth. Why is the professional place manager so important for economic growth? In this book Christer Asplund, one of Europe's leading authorities on place management, demonstrates how successful place development and place marketing is shaped by the professional place manager. Asplund builds upon his ground-breaking work with Professor Philip Kotler on marketing places and shows that the winners of the future will be those that understand the vital importance of the place manager.

The book is essential reading for decision-makers who are directly or indirectly instrumental in local and regional development, such as leading politicians and senior officials in government, the local community and academia, as well as company directors, managers and business developers. Place management is a relatively new concept for people who perhaps do not think of themselves as place managers, but who have in reality a vital role in the development of a place, e.g.:

  • Place managers in municipal and county councils, county-wide organisations, authorities and departments.
  • Place managers in firms clearly tied to one place, e.g. energy companies, banks, property companies and estate agents, the hospitality industry, transport companies, airport operators, tourism operators, shopping centres and independent shops and the principal firms in a place that values and safeguards the appeal of its own essential characteristics.
  • Place managers in the education sector, e.g. management of a university or college that depends on the place ability to attract students, talented teachers and researchers.
  • Place managers who are active in chambers of commerce, business organisations, trade associations and employers' organisations.

About the book and the authors

The book Place Management highlights the responsibility of place managers and presents a number of realistic recommendations for practising place management in an active and forceful way. From the wealth of examples in the book, the reader can draw lessons from successful and unsuccessful cases. The book does not sidestep controversial questions and criticises the use of slogans and simple advertising messages. It positions place management in a European economic, historical and social context.

Christer Asplund

Christer Asplund's fourth book about place development from a local and regional perspective is concerned with the importance of the place manager. His first book, Place Hunting: the Art of Attracting New Businesses, was published at the beginning of the 1990s. This book was the first of its kind in Swedish and gave rise to a succession of local and regional projects in Sweden and Norway. His next book, Place Hunting International, focused on the success factors of making a place attractive to investment. The third book, Marketing Places Europe, written in collaboration with Professor Philip Kotler, focuses on market related aspects of place development. The English edition has been translated into Russian, Chinese and Turkish. His new book, Place Management, brings leadership issues to life, with examples from many parts of the world. For 35 years Christer Asplund has worked in hundreds of places in Europe and Asia on local activities to attract talent, investment and increased tourism. These real experiences form the basis of all his books.

Jacob Ikkala

Jacob Ikkala's banking experience at Nordea and his general analytical skills have led to a fascination in how places can win or lose with place management. His background at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), his wide international experience and his interest in international comparison studies complement Christer Asplund's lifelong experience of place management.

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Place Management has 212 pages, is in hardcover and is printed in 4-colour process throughout. The book will be published in October 2011 at a recommended retail price of EUR 35, excluding VAT. Get your copy using the links below or via e-mail.

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Said about the book

"I am excited about this book - because it presents a picture of European cities and places as they function today, how they were influenced by the new forces emerging each decade, and what their future possibilities are in terms of their critical opportunities and threats." Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

"Competition for the sharpest minds, the most innovative companies and the largest investment is fierce. Why are some places attractive whilst others just wither and die? The book “Place Management” offers real guidance to anyone wishing to strengthen the competitiveness of a place and create a distinct brand. You need much more than just a clever slogan." Maria Rankka, CEO, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

"The public administration must exercise leadership in place management, involving the private and public stakeholders to define and deliver the objectives and providing the right resources to achieve them. The book "Place Management" has described these efforts in a very convincing and stimulating way." Jordi Joly, deputy Mayor of Sant Cugat, awarded the prize of the best European city for "Leadership and Management for Change" by EPSA (The European Public Sector Award). On July 4th 2011, Jordi Joly was appointed CEO of Economy, Business and Employment, Barcelona City Hall